Learning and Growing with Bettina Wittmann: My Journey as a Dynamic Digital Marketer

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As a student at Vienna University of Economics and Business, I had the pleasure of being taught by one of the most successful digital marketers and early adopter of the new work lifestyle in the industry, Bettina Wittmann. Her approach to teaching was unique, and her achievements in the field of digital marketing were truly inspiring.

It was no wonder that she became my role model, and I jumped at the opportunity to work with her and keep learning from her.

The Benefits of Learning from a Successful Digital Marketer

Defne’s Journey with Bettina as a Digital Marketer.

When I first met Bettina, in 2021, I was in my third year at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, where she was my digital marketing lecturer. Due to the pandemic, online courses made it difficult to communicate with people in class. However, from the day I started taking Bettina’s classes, I felt connected and socially engaged, as if I was attending classes in person.

Her success as a digital marketer and her exceptional communication skills intrigued me. She became an influential idol to me and other students, who enjoyed listening to her, practicing what she taught and obtaining valuable knowledge.

Since the university has a diverse student body, Bettina interacted with each student throughout the semester and made them feel comfortable reaching out to her. I aimed to work with her one day, and in June 2022, I achieved my goal by joining Bettina’s company, weBOUND marketing.

An invaluable mentor for personal and professional growth in digital marketing

Defne’s Gratuation at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Working with Bettina was invaluable, helping me develop the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in the digital marketing industry. Her guidance and support allowed me to experiment and learn from my mistakes, leading to personal and professional growth. She provided me with opportunities to work on projects that aligned with my interests and develop new skills applicable to my future career.

Learning from a successful digital marketer and business mentor like Bettina is an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Her experience and expertise helped me understand the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and business administration, enabling me to stay ahead of the curve and deliver results for the agency’s clients and Bettina Wittmann’s brands.

My Journey as a Digital Marketer

When I started working with Bettina, I had a basic knowledge of digital marketing. However, as her social media marketing manager and copywriter in German and Englihs, I was able to learn everything hands-on, from creating effective marketing campaigns to analyzing data and optimizing strategies.

Influential Projects in Digital Marketing: Successful Collaboration and Personal Growth

One of the most significant projects I worked on under Bettina’s guidance was the relaunch of weBOUND marketing. I was responsible for developing the social media marketing strategy, creating social media content, and managing the social media accounts. Bettina gave me the freedom to experiment and try new things, which allowed me to come up with innovative ideas that resonated with the target audience

Furthermore, I had the privilege of attending the Founder’s Summit 2022 alongside Bettina. The event was an exciting opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and gain insight into the latest trends and innovations in the digital marketing and online business industry. 

As part of the event, we were preparing for the exhibition to launch Bettina’s new brand, TalentMagnet.Training. Bettina and I had been working on this project for 1,5 months, and it was thrilling to see it come to fruition within such a short time from idea to having a website and email marketing in place with a lead magnet. As well as business cards for the event. 

As her assistant and social media marketing manager, I was responsible for promoting the launch on our social media channels and generating buzz around the event. It was an exciting time, and I was proud to be a part of the team that helped make it happen.

Another project I was involved in was developing a new website for a client. Bettina allowed me to manage this project, and I was responsible for leading the communication with the client, understanding his needs and wishes and organizing the freelancers.  It was a challenging project, but it was rewarding to see the website come to life and receive positive feedback from the client.

Moreover, as Bettina’s assistant, social media marketing manager, bookkeeping assistant, and more, I had the opportunity to get insights into everything about running a digital marketing agency. Bettina trusted me with the whole responsibility of managing the agency’s social media channels, and she was always open to my ideas and innovations. She encouraged my creative touch and allowed me to experiment and learn from my mistakes, which helped me grow both personally and professionally.

A Transformative Journey with Bettina: Facing Challenges and Personal Development in Digital Marketing

Throughout my journey as a digital marketer, Bettina encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and take on new challenges. She recognized my strengths and provided me with opportunities to work on projects that aligned with my interests, such as developing social media strategies and analyzing data. This helped me grow both personally and professionally, and I was able to develop new skills that I could apply to future projects.

Bettina’s teaching ways were exceptional, and she had a unique approach to communicating with her students and her employees, which made learning a truly enjoyable experience. 

She was always available to provide guidance and support, and she encouraged open communication and collaboration. This created a positive work environment where everyone felt valued and appreciated.

The Importance of a Good Employer Brand

Digital Marketer’s Christmas Party.

Bettina was an exceptional employer who always prioritized my needs and listened to my ideas. She recognized my passion for digital marketing and provided me with opportunities to work on projects that aligned with my interests. As a result, I learned and grew in my role, contributing to the agency’s success.

Cultural competence and social responsibility: Bettina’s leadership style in a global remote work environment

As a leader, Bettina was culturally competent and socially responsible, supporting effective communication with employees and business partners and promoting the company’s international success. weBOUND marketing is a fully remote company that works with freelancers globally. The fact that people from various cultures can work together virtually and achieve successful results under a single roof – a company – can only be achieved through effective management based on empathy and open communication.

A source of inspiration for appreciative and successful corporate management

Bettina’s approach to managing her team was truly inspiring. She recognized that her employees and freelancers were the company’s greatest asset and ensured they felt valued and appreciated.

She created a positive work environment that encouraged creativity, innovation, and collaboration, leading to motivation, engagement, and commitment to achieving the agency’s goals. For instance, after weeks of high workload and stress, Bettina encouraged us to take some time off work to pursue our hobbies and prioritize our mental health.

It was invaluable to work for a company where I could freely express myself, have my mental health taken care of, and learn from such a considerate leader. Moreover, Bettina’s successful relationship with her subordinates has made the employees advocates for the brand, demonstrating her implementation of employer branding principles in all aspects of her company.

Overall, Bettina has been an inspiring, culturally competent, and socially responsible leader, mentor, idol, and a good friend to me.


In conclusion, my journey as a digital marketer has been an incredible experience, and I owe a great deal of my success to Bettina Wittmann. Her teaching ways, achievements in the field of digital marketing, and approach to managing her employees have been truly inspiring. Learning from her has helped me develop the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in the industry, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her. 

If you’re looking to learn from a successful digital marketer, business mentor and exceptional employer, Bettina is the perfect choice. Her approach to managing her team and her commitment to creating a positive work environment will help you grow both personally and professionally. So why wait? Take the first step on your journey as a digital marketer and learn from the best – Bettina Wittmann.


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