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weBOUND marketing is an international digital agency based in Vienna that uses out-of-the-box concepts and automation strategies to build brands and communities across national borders.

About the company (1700 characters)

weBOUND marketing is an international digital agency with more than 13 years of experience and is based in Vienna. Its founding history alone sets it apart from other agencies and therefore offers particular expertise.

Since 2016, weBOUND has been supporting innovative and sustainable companies in becoming effectively visible online by strategically building brands and communities across national borders, no matter where they are located.

Using our unique process, strangers and employees are turned into brand ambassadors, thereby generating greater reach and sales. Our portfolio ranges from lead generation techniques and automation strategies to conversion optimisation always using to use marketing budgets efficiently and in a sustainable manner. 

This is rounded off by consulting on the New Work approach, which is revolutionizing not only customer acquisition but also corporate leadership.

New Work and the remote lifestyle

weBOUND marketing was founded in 2016 by the expert Bettina Wittmann on a one-and-a-half year trip around the world through Asia, America and Europe.

Right from the start, one thing was clear: boundaries had to be broken down and new flexible working conditions established!

And this is how the initial founding philosophy has continued to this day, making weBOUND marketing one of the first remote agencies in Austria.

weBOUND is also one of the pioneers of the “New Work” concept and promotes a flexible work organisation in which employees can realise themselves.

What began as a small and location-independent agency quickly developed into an international company with a diverse customer base “those who make the world a better place”.

Founder portrait

Founder portrait (622 characters)

Bettina Wittmann is an international online marketing and sales strategist, keynote speaker and location-independent pioneer. She is the founder of the international digital agency weBOUND marketing, community initiator of “We Work Location Independent Austria” and has written the guide “Suddenly Home Office – the Coronavirus Emergency Guide for Employers, Employees and the Independent” and has been quoted several times in various publications on national and international level. She is generally known for her practical out-of-the-box approach and her influence on the location-independent and online business industry.

Founder portrait (1100 characters)

Bettina Wittmann is considered a “pioneer in the field of remote work”. Already in 2012, she saw great potential in remote work and after several years abroad, she steadily focused on the requirements of a successfully managed company with remote workers. Finally, in 2016, during a year and a half-long trip around the world through Asia, Europe and the USA, Bettina founded and built up the internationally operating digital agency weBOUND marketing. Her team is currently spread across Europe and the US. To this date, she has organised 11 Meetups with more than 300 participants on the topic of New Work in Vienna. 

Since 2017, Wittmann has been speaking at various conferences in Austria and abroad on the subject of remote work/mobile working, digital marketing and company development. She is also a guest lecturer at various national and international universities and business mentor at Startup Live, Techstars and greenstart – an initiative of the Climate and Energy Fund. In 2019, the New Work Expert organized the first remote Christmas party with her team spread over two continents.

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