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Prior to coming to this blogpost you have probably already scanned 5-6 other blog posts on creating converting Social Media content that is guaranteed to turn your followers into raving fans. And what did those blog posts tell you? Let us take a wild guess: They taught you the art of visual composition, color choice and maybe even some little copywriting tweaks here and there.

But you still have the feeling that some parts of information are simply missing, right? Is there not a more strategic component as to why a Social Media Post performs well or is swallowed up by the crowd? You are completely right!

Because not every content problem can be solved simply by using a more exotic, prominent color, we have taken all the content pieces we have ever created into consideration and analyzed our 3 best Social Media posts on every platform and 1 extra blog post. After analyzing these carefully, we have come up with our 10 waterproof and – most importantly – universally applicable strategies to create the best Social Media posts ever.


Are you ready for an awful lot of helpful insights and value? Then read ahead, because we are only getting started.


How do you define “Best Social Media Posts”?

So, before we really get into the deep-ends of this post, there is one more thing we need to settle. And that thing is the question “How do you even define the “Best Social Media Posts”? Is there such a thing as a universally good post?”

Now, generally speaking, you can never truly settle on a secluded group of posts and go “Yes, that is ist. These are the 3 best Social Media posts to ever exist”. This is simply due to the fact that the value of a post depends on a vast amount of factors. Starting at your target audience, all the way through to the platform you post on. 

In the end, what is a “Best Social Media Post” always boils down to these 3 aspects:

  1. Target audience: Who are you trying to reach and convert?
  2. Goals: What is this post supposed to do for you?
  3. Channel: Which platform did the post go live on?


Let me visualize for you using an example:

Imagine Lisa has just opened a new Online Store for sustainable cleaning goods. Through Social Media, she is trying to attract new customers to buy her products. So naturally, Lisas best Social Media posts will be the ones that lead the most traffic to her Online Store. In other words, she will look out for posts that have a) a lot of Link Clicks and b) a high Conversion Rate.

So, while weBOUND as a Digital Marketing Agency is putting most value on building a community, thus focusing on all the metrics around Engagement and Reach, your KPIs might point into a different direction. Maybe you are looking to build Brand Awareness and hope for the greatest Reach. But maybe you are also trying to spread a message and look out for a lot of Shares.


All in all, there usually is not the one metric you should put all your efforts on. Usually, a higher Follower Count goes hand in hand with more Impressions and so on. Instead of focussing on solely one factor, you should therefore always have an holistic approach. Of course, all while keeping your ultimate goal at the back of your mind!


Our 10 Best Social Media Posts + Why they work

When going through these supposedly best Social Media posts, I would kindly ask you to always keep in mind a few things. First of all, what posts work highly depends on the platform and its target audience. So be mindful to register which Social Media channel a post was published to. Secondly, these are our – weBOUND marketings – best Social Media posts. Simply because they have worked for us, it does not mean that they will work for you in the exact same way.


For a better understanding as to why these are our best Social Media posts, here is a list on the things we look out for:

  • Engagement Rate: We want our followers to be a little family and interact with us as much as possible.
  • Link Clicks: In the end, we want our potential clients to convert, so naturally, Link Clicks to our website are an essential.
  • Saves: As we are trying to bring value to our followers, Saved Posts give a good insight into which ones were best at doing so.


However, I have included strategies, tips and tricks with every single post. So, be sure to go through these and see how you can apply them to your Social Media strategy!


One last thing before we get started: All of the posts and the results I will be talking about in this blog post have been achieved through completely organic measures. For ads, the rules might pan out a little bit differently.

Now, let’s get into it, shall we?



Highest Engagement Rate

View this post on Instagram

(German version below) Dear Mr. Cat, This letter is to inform you that your employment will end. You have been terminated for the following reasons: 💤 Repeatedly taking naps during your working hours 📽️ Making noisy appearances in Video Meetings 🥫 Distracting your colleagues by requesting food non-stop We appreciate your efforts and dedication, however, we are now dismissing you to the room next door. Yours sincerely, Every Cat-Owner GERMAN Sehr geehrter Herr Katze, Mit diesem Schreiben möchten wir Sie darüber informieren, dass Ihr Arbeitsverhältnis hiermit beendet wird. Sie wurden aus folgenden Gründen gekündigt: 💤 Wiederholte Nickerchen während der Arbeitszeit 📽️ Störende, laute Auftritte während Online Meetings 🥫 Ablenken der Kollegen durch Bekanntmachung des Hungergefühls Wir bedanken uns für Ihre Bemühungen und Ihr Engagement. Jetzt entlassen wir Sie jedoch in den Raum nebenan. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Jeder Katzenbesitzer

A post shared by weBOUND marketing (@weboundmarketing) on

The Metrics: 

Believe it or not, but this post sported a whopping organic Engagement Rate of 26.9%! This means that every fourth person has decided to take action on this post, making it our most engaged-with piece of content on Instagram – and therefore one of our best Social Media posts.

Let us put this into perspective: The average Engagement Rate on Instagram over all industries in 2020 lies at about 1.22%. (For the media, it only comes down to 0.95%!) So, on average, only one person out of 100 people will actually interact with a post. (Source: Rival IQ)

Do you now see why this is such a showstopper?


Why this works:

This post is something we like to call an “Affinity-Post”, which simply means that it is meant to build sympathy or a relationship with our followers. And that, it did. 

In a world that is stressful and ever-changing, sometimes we just like to look at fun pictures of cats at work and think about nothing else. So, instead of being serious and all business-y on your Social Media channels all the time, try something different. 

Mix it up with fun and relatable posts every now and then is guaranteed to give your followers a warm, snug feeling. In turn, this will guarantee a boost of the relationships you have established with them.

Also note that this post was published on Instagram, generally a quite casual environment. This is also part of the reason why this post worked so well: Because people explicitly go onto Instagram to see fun, not-so-serious content.


Later, we also published the very same post on LinkedIn and guess what?

The Engagement Rate resulted in a mere 5% – which is still great, but it does not compare to an organic Engagement Rate of 26.9%!


Highest Reach

View this post on Instagram

(German version below) 60% of people say that they struggle with producing content consistently, making it one of the biggest marketing a challenge is facing. (Zazzle Media) However, what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? Introducing: The VALUE Framework! Using the VALUE framework allows you to quickly create an Instagram content plan for five whole weeks at a time! In essence, it splits up the content into 5 different categories, which you will then rotate on a weekly basis to get a well-balanced content calendar! VALUE stands for V…valuable: content from which your audience can learn A…aspirational: content that helps to attain a vision or a goal L…lifecycle: content that helps build awareness and nurtures relationships U…unique: content that focuses on your business E…evergreen: content that is timely, relevant and useful for years to come Do you struggle with consistent content production? Put an end to that struggle using the VALUE framework! GERMAN 60% geben an, Schwierigkeiten mit konsequenter Contenproduktion zu haben. Das macht Contentproduktion zur größten Marketingherausforderung. (Zazzle Media) Was aber, wenn wir behaupten, dass es nicht so sein muss? Wir stellen vor: Das VALUE Framework! Mithilfe des VALUE-Frameworks kannst du schnell einen Instagram Contentplan für ganze fünf Wochen erstellen! Im Wesentlichen werden die Inhalte in 5 verschiedene Kategorien unterteilt, die dann wöchentlich wechseln, um eine ausgewogene Balance zu erhalten! Value steht für V … valuable: Inhalte, von denen Ihr Publikum lernen kann A … aspirational: Inhalte, die helfen, eine Vision oder ein Ziel zu erreichen L … lifecycle: Inhalte, die zur Bewusstseinsbildung und Pflege von Beziehungen beitragen U … unique: Inhalte, die sich auf Ihr Geschäft konzentrieren E … evergreen: Inhalte, die aktuell, relevant und für die kommenden Jahre nützlich sind Hast du Probleme damit, konsistent Content zu produzieren? Beende diesen Kampf mit dem VALUE Framework!

A post shared by weBOUND marketing (@weboundmarketing) on

The metrics: 

This post about the Value-Framework of Content Creation went online in November 2019. (That is also why it is still utilizing different branding colors than we like to use today…) Still, to this day, it is the post with the highest Reach (461) on Instagram for us, making it one of the best Social Media posts in our history.

But, what does Reach even imply? And, more importantly, what is the difference between Reach and Impression?

Actually, it is quite simple. Impressions refer to the number of times a post has been displayed. In other words, it appeared on a screen. However, this does not ensure that the contents have actually been taken in by anybody.

In contrast, Reach is the total number of unique people actually seeing your post. That is why it gives you a much better understanding about how many people are actually there, taking in your content.


Why it works:

Telling you that the majority of people are visually oriented will probably not come as a surprise to you. And that is exactly what happened here: We decided to create this post to be highly visually-attracting through using strong colors, icons and different types of fonts, resulting in a fully-visual experience.

Using different kinds of encoding for your messages, like we did here with text and icon, is guaranteed to help the post viewers with 2 things:

  1. Understanding the true meaning of a post
  2. Remembering it in a long run

So next time, you try to educate your followers about a certain topic, try not to stick to text but address different sensory modalities


Highest Saves

View this post on Instagram

(German version below) With 14 years in the Online Marketing industry, we know by heart how tricky it can sometimes be to fill months of gaping empty editorial plans. If you feel that way, fear no more. Here are 20 easy-to-produce content ideas to mix up your Instagram Strategy! Save this post and come back to it any time you feel a lack of content ideas! GERMAN Mit 14 Jahren Erfahrung in der Online Marketing Branche, wissen wir nur zu gut wie schwierig es sein kann, gähnende Leere im Content Plan zu füllen. Geht es Dir auch so? Dann keine Sorge. Hier sind 20 einfach zu produzierende Ideen um Deine Instagram Strategie aufzupeppen! Speichere Dir den Post einfach ab und komme immer darauf zurück, wenn Du ein wenig Inspiration brauchst.

A post shared by weBOUND marketing (@weboundmarketing) on

The metrics:

Although a Like-Count of 21 might not seem that high, this is not the remarkable thing about this post. What is much more remarkable, is that out of the 21 people that engaged with this post, more than half actually saved it for later use!

In total, 12 people have saved this post to their Instagram Saves, showing us how very valuable the content we shared is. To them, it is valuable enough that they do not want to forget about it and even plan to come back to it for later use.


Why this works:

The explanation for this one is seemingly easy. As this post suggests 20 unique ideas people could post about when running into a slump, it is guaranteed to be helpful to almost anybody concerned with creating content. And in our community, that applies to a lot of people.

So, in short, this is the lesson you can take from this: Create content that not only goes with your brand, but more than everything, goes with your followersYou can achieve this follower-centrition by doing different types of research. Competitor research, market research or simply  ask your existing followers what they need to succeed!



Highest Engagement Rate

(Make sure to read til the end – We’ve got an amazing birthday surprise for you!)3 years ago on this day, it…

Gepostet von WEBOUND – Conversion-Driven Social Media Agency am Freitag, 1. November 2019

The metrics:

When weBOUND marketing turned 3 years old, we decided to give back and host a small giveaway for our community. Out of all interactors, we would be giving away a free consultation call with our team!

As can be seen in the statistics above, this post actually only reached 99 unique people (120 Impressions). However, outstanding is that out of these 99 people, 31 decided to interact!

Ultimately, this resulted in an organic Engagement Rate (per Impression) of 25.8%, making it one of our best Social Media posts. In other words, out of 4 people 1 person decided to interact with this post!


Why this works:

People love all things contests. Because in the end, they have the chance to win something they would never get for themselves. So, hosting a little competition, maybe even with gamification-elements might be worth a shot in order to get your community to engage themselves deeply with your brand.

What is important to keep in mind is that a contest should always fit into the context of your brand. Do not go out and think you should host a dance contest when your target audience consists of middle-aged businessmen. 


Highest Reach

Black Friday = Broke Saturday?Kommt gar nicht in Frage, deshalb gibt es diesen Black Friday einen massiven Rabatt auf…

Gepostet von WEBOUND – Conversion-Driven Social Media Agency am Freitag, 29. November 2019

The metrics:

Do you know the Golden Rule of Facebook that recommends never to post anything without a visual asset to accompany it? Well, look at us proving the system wrong! 

Usually, people nowadays tend to favor images, videos, animations – anything that will make it easiest for them to grasp what is going on. However, with this post we did not include a visual asset but left it text based. What seemed like an error at that point proved to be a valuable one in the long run, because this became one of our best Social Media posts!

Our organic reach, which usually sits at about 200-300 people shot up to more than double the amount! Essentially, this means that people were incredibly interested in what we had to say.


Why this works:

So, what made this one of our best Social Media posts of all time? (Hint: This will require some reverse psychology!)

The Golden Rule of Facebook, recommending to always add a visual element, is very well known out there. That is also the reason why almost everybody uses it, making text-based posts a real rarity nowadays. With an overload of images, videos and more jumping at Facebook Users, this text-based post stood out even more. It was special because it was simple. In other words, it was special because it was different.

 So, do not shy away from trying out something different – even though everything and everybody screams at you not to!


Highest Link Click Rate

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass unsere Studie über die Social Media Strategien der österreichischen Spitzenkandidaten vor der…

Gepostet von WEBOUND – Conversion-Driven Social Media Agency am Freitag, 27. September 2019

The metrics:

If Link Clicks show you one thing it is that not only your post is interesting, but that the people that clicked are so convinced by your post that they want to know more about what you are talking about. Thus, they click to read the full thing, visit the store or get more information on a service.

Essentially, those people that have clicked are pure gold for your business. Or, in Digital Marketing jargon, they are Warm Leads! 


Why this works:

This post went online just before the National Council Election in Austria and analyzed the Social Media behavior of all major candidates. Not only is this quite a unique approach in itself, but the article we wrote on Trending Topics was also about something highly relevant.

Imagine we would have posted the link to the article two weeks earlier or just one week later. Chances are high that it would not have made it into our best Social Media posts. Simply because then, the topic would not have been so much on the radar of people like it was two or three days before the election itself.

For you, this means to keep in mind what topics and trends are relevant at the very you are posting. Then, post accordingly.



Highest Engagement Rate

The metrics:

Remember when I said that a high Engagement Rate shows you not only that you have great content but also a great community? Well, in this one of our best Social Media posts, both prove to be true!

Even though Impressions on this post were quite low (57), a high number out of those decided to take action (11). In total, this resulted in an Engagement Rate of 19.3%, which is pretty impressive.

Now you might ask why I consider this a good performing post when so few people have actually seen it. Sometimes, it is not about quantity, but quality. Even though the LinkedIn algorithm did not favor this post, the people that got to see it definitely did.

Because in the end, this post has not been shown to many people. But the few people that have seen it loved the post. To us, this means that this post did what it was supposed to do: Impress our audience!


Why this works:

At the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, a lot of people were sent to the home office. Especially, a lot of people that have no experience with the home office at all. So naturally, as a remote agency we wanted to share our knowledge and help others out

We created a 25-page guide on all things working from home and collaborating over distances. Then, we gave it away for free, which is exactly what you see in this post.

People not only loved this post because it gave them something they needed – Tips and tricks all around how to be productive from home. But also because it was genuine value, not just blabbing, we put in there.

The lesson you should take from this is: If you give something away for free, e.g. a Lead Magnet, make sure it is actually packed with value to the brim. Otherwise, people will just be frustrated and disappointed. And as you can imagine that is no good way to start a relationship with anybody.

Are you in need of some tips for the Home Office? Download the free guide here!


Highest Reach and Highest Click Rate

The metrics:

What you see here is an altogether wonderfully converting post: We have a lot of eyes on this post (thus, the Highest Reach on LinkedIn), a lot of Engagement and, most importantly, a beautiful message. Plus, this is also the post that has gotten the Highest Click Rate on LinkedIn over our lifetime on this platform. All in all, a great candidate for one of our best Social Media posts!


Why this works:

There is two things that work especially great in this post:

  1.     The topic of this post (female entrepreneurship and education) being really important to a lot of people at the moment
  2.     The Tagging Strategy behind it

This post was published in honor of a workshop CEO Bettina Wittmann held at the female factor in January. Not only was it a great day, but also a lot of great women joined in.

If we have a lot of women in business on a photo that are looking to grow on Social Media, what are we going to do? Of course! We are going to post about it and tag all of them.

By tagging the people on the photo, they will be notified and share this post to their timeline, increasing the amount of eyeballs led back to the original post. In the end, this results in a lot more exposure for both the attendee and us!


Our best performing Blogpost

The Ultimate Guide On How To Use TikTok To Promote Your Business

The metrics:

For a blog post, there are some other KPIs one should keep in mind. So, instead of, for example, Likes, we are looking at the ratio from Impressions to Clicks, in other words the Click-Through-Rate. In the case of this blog post, 464 Clicks divided  14.699 Impressions make for a really great Click-Through-Rate of 3,2%!

Now, the only question is, why is the Click-Through-Rate of this post so high?

Essentially, it boils down to the point that the higher a page is ranked in the Search Engine Result Page, the more people are likely to see it and the more people will also click on it.This is the reason why you should never simply omit Search Engine Optimization.


Why this works:

At current times, there is hardly any platform more widely discussed than the lip sync app TikTok. Be it because of a new, controversial dance performed by 13-year-olds, a potential data security scandal or simply because of the buzz it has created: TikTok has been on everyone‘s lips for the past year.

Naturally, this means a lot of people want to know what it is all about and do their research. And among these people there are a few smart ones that have realized TikToks potential for their business.

For this blog post, we chose the title “The Ultimate Guide On How To Use TikTok To Promote Your Business” which almost exactly matches with the search query these people would type into the search engine.Essentially, this means that when it comes to blog posts, do not simply create anything that seems to go with your business. Do your research!

Is there a topic in your industry that seems to blow up in a few months from now? That is the perfect opportunity to get into this niche!


Are you up for some snooping? Read the blogpost “The Ultimate Guide On How To Use TikTok To Promote Your Business” to find out why people love it so much for yourself!


The Takeaway

Wow, this was quite the ride! Behind us lay weBOUNDs 10 best Social Media posts and blog posts. Now you are probably asking yourself how you can achieve results like these for your own business. That is why, in the end, I would like to give you this one especially valuable tip, or more like mentality.

Always, and I repeat always, create content that is the following three things:

  • Original and created by yourself. Do not try to copy anyone. Always opt for something that has not been seen before.
  • Relevant to your business and your (potential) clients. After all, who else are you creating the content for?
  • Impactful and memorable. Try not to shy away from „extreme“ ideas. Most often, these are the ones that create the biggest effect.

After having read this blog post, you are now well equipped to go ahead and create heaps of content that will not only resonate with your target audience but also help convert them into real customers.


I really hope this helped you out. 

If it did, let me know in the comments so that we can keep the good stuff coming. If it did not, please tell me what you need in order to be able to reach your goals so that I can create that for you!


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