Buyer Persona: How To Create Your Perfect Persona And The Benefits

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Audience Report from Google Analytics

Image source: Online Behavior

Once you have your initial data, then your next step should be to conduct surveys. You can do this using various tools like Survey Monkey or Qualaroo. Set up a survey pop up on your website to get more data.

A survey on Qualaroo

Competitor Data

If you are a start up or feel like you haven’t got enough customers for survey, then this is one way to get intelligence to create your persona.

You can use tools like SEMRush or BuzzSumo to spy on your competitors.

You can also take a look at their social media followers. This will help you scoop on your competitor’s audience and create a better picture of your ideal persona.

Social Media

Use social media to zoom in on your audience. Check out their profiles and see what are their interests or who they follow.

Always make sure to check your own social media primary analytics. Even better, if you dig deep with tools like Followerwonk.

Find Out Where Your Customers Are Hanging Out

Step into your customers’ shoes and find out where your customers spend time. I’m talking forums, events, organizations and even Youtube videos they watch and make comments.

By doing this you will not only find out more about their interest, hobbies but also other important attributes like attitude to life and their vocabulary. Remember, you need to speak their lingo.

18 Questions That You Need To Ask When Creating Your Persona

Before you gather around to sketch your brand new ideal persona, you will need to ask yourself and your team some questions.

These questions vary widely for different organizations. But there are some general ones that most businesses need to ask.  And I’ve listed them below.

For convenience, I’ll assume that our persona is a ‘she’.

Personal Data

1. Is this person male or female? (We’ve already decided she’s a female)

2. How old is she?

3. Where is she from?

4. What’s her marital/ relationship status?

5. Does she have any kids? If so, how many?

6. What’s her educational background?

7. What’s her income?

8. How does she spend her day?

9. What are her hobbies?

10. Where does she work

11. What is her role?

12. What are her challenges?

13. What’s her ambition?

14. What’s her definition of success?

15. What social media does she use?

16. What would be her objections to my offer?

17. Where does she get her information from? Is she a reader, watcher or listener?

18. What’s her preference of communication? Phone, email, texting?

Once you have defined answers to the above questions, you will have a huge leg up in actually reaching your buyer.

The Takeaway

Having a crystal clear picture of your ideal buyer or persona in your head and within your organization will bring your conversion a huge lift

This is true to the word for businesses of all sizes. Understanding who you are targeting as an individual will make your content more compelling and persuade your prospects to take that next step.

Hope this was helpful.


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