Why You Should Rely On An Agency To Do Your Online Advertising

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The first question we sometimes receive during Discovery Calls or talking to other entrepreneurs is “Does it even pay off to hire an agency to run your Online Marketing or should I hire in-house (soon)?”. And even though we are a Marketing Agency ourselves and, admittedly a little biased, there is only one right answer to this question: Yes!   But before we go into this any more detail, let’s take a  moment and settle why we are authorized to discuss this topic.   We are a reputable and notable  Online Marketing Agency of more than 4 years, with experience in the digital field for over 14 years. Furthermore we’ve experienced all sides of the marketing world: the entrepreneurial, the agency, and the client-side. What started off as a location independent Digital Marketing Agency quickly turned into an international company. Today, we’re serving and consulting more than 100 companies from a wide variety of industries.  

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Would my Business benefit from Digital Marketing?

Before the consideration of hiring an agency even starts, a lot of people first begin with this: The thought of engaging in Digital Marketing in the first place, in order to build a digital presence for their brand.   Now the big question is, does it pay off? That’s a big yes from us – especially since the latest circumstances occurred! Still many companies remain reluctant when it comes to Digital Marketing. Simply because they’re not aware of the benefits that come with it.   Imagine your digital presence as a store that’s open for 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Even when you’re not around! By creating an all-time accessible storefront window, a digital presence enables you to reach prospects all day, every day.  That’s profit in your pocket, even when you’re sleeping! A Storefront of a Brick and Mortar Business The great thing is, that not only your business is available all day long. Social Media and other techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enable you to actively get seen in front of the eyes of millions of consumers and prospects. And with the right targeting, you can put your offer right in the forefront of their minds whenever and wherever. Only to get back to them when you are ready. You can send those leads directly to your sales manager without being the bottleneck in the process.   

Why should I hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Let’s get into this question with a little thought experiment: Imagine being 5 years old again, standing between the blinking, colorful rows of your favorite toy shop. Now, you have to decide between two toys, seeming to be the exact same toy, just in two different colors. The blue one costs $30, while the red version is currently on sale: Only 12 bucks, what a steal!  Still, your mother decides to get the $30, blue toy. You might wonder why.   Now try to put this thought experiment into another context: It’s the same situation as many, many freelance agency owners face every single day. Their clients pay them sometimes as much as double the sum per month of what hiring someone in-house would cost. No surprise, many aspiring agencies or freelancers worry for years and years on end without finally taking the step and offering their services to companies. They simply couldn’t imagine anybody hiring them if they could have a cheaper option – let’s say, an in-house employee. However, in the end, hiring an agency is often the one that is taking home the prize.   So what is it that makes hiring an agency so attractive?   Before answering this question, we have to look at another one first. This one being, why businesses don’t simply hire someone internally to get the job done for them. Wouldn’t that be much simpler and cost-efficient? Think again. Even though it might seem like a good deal in the short run, employees actually are quite expensive to “maintain”: They take time off, sometimes they become sick, go on maternity leave or need training to update their skillset. Condensing all these excess payments, plus fluctuating productivity levels, an employee costs much, much more than simply their salary. Cost of an Employee vs Hiring an Agency

Source: Port41

  Put simply, an employee earning on average $5.000 per month is going to cost a company probably as much as $8.000 per month. In comparison, an agency can finish their work all year round, whenever it is requested.  

5 Reasons, why you should hire an agency

Because not everything is black or white and some cases might require some specific thought: Here are 5 specific ways, your business could benefit from hiring an agency for your Digital Marketing.  

Concentrated competence in one field

Let us get the most obvious of all facts straight: Yes, an agency that does nothing else but think up strategies, place ads, optimizes funnels and analyze results probably has a lot more experience and expertise in the field of Digital Marketing. Even more than any singular person who might have only worked with one company. In an agency, multiple experts come together, resulting in a concentration of knowledge and competence unlike any other.   What is even better, is that many agencies nowadays do not only provide a comprehensive team of specialists with expertise in the field of Digital Marketing. They often also include individual marketers with a focus in a specific niche. These experts know their niche like the back of their hand, helping you to achieve the very best results possible.    And wouldn’t you rather hire someone who has insights into other accounts and experienced the ins and outs of what can work and what to stay away from?  

More flexibility for you

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for your online presence in comparison to a full-time employee grants you with two major types of flexibility: Financial flexibility and project-related flexibility.   As we have already stated, hiring an employee results in a lot of fixed costs, as well as several other liabilities. There is the salary, the benefits, insurance and tax payments, the list goes on. Plus, employees are usually a long-term thing, meaning you cannot simply hire them for one project and let go off them 2 months later. Even in case, the chosen marketing strategy wasn’t the right one for your business or other reasons.    With a Digital Marketing Agency, however, project-based cooperation is possible, creating a way more flexible type of collaboration and payment. In particular, small to medium-sized businesses will profit from this as things are always changing.  

Focus on the business at hand

Digital Marketing is a mighty field already, still growing at an alarming pace. While bigger enterprises might have the capacities to hire a whole team, solely dedicated to this area, small businesses tend to do this: They pick out the youngest employee available. “They grew up with the internet, shouldn’t they know about all this stuff?” – they say. Then, they instruct them to build an online presence on the side, next to all of their remaining tasks.    Naturally, this won’t find a happy ending for 2 reasons:
  1. Said employee is likely not to be able to spend more than a few hours on Digital Marketing every week. This is way too little if actual results are expected to drop in in this fast-paced industry 
  2. The employee will lose focus, making their usual tasks as well as their new Digital Marketing endeavor less effective
  So you think, hiring a specific person for the job will do the trick. However, you might forget what big of a field Digital Marketing is today. It is, therefore, much more advisable to count on a whole team full of experts and do what you do best. By lifting the efforts of Digital Marketing from your shoulders, an agency will help you to keep your focus on your own tasks and goals while achieving your marketing aims for you.  

A more objective point of view

For this paragraph, let us assume that you run your own business and have done so for years. Owing to this, you not only have a lot of knowledge in your own field of expertise. But quite likely, you also bear really strong feelings towards your business. This, in turn, makes it considerably more difficult to take a look at your business soberly and judge it from the outside. And this is exactly where the Digital Marketing Agency enters the game!   As an external agency, they can look at your assets and needs from a rational, unbiased point of view. They can effectively judge what your business truly needs, without being influenced by former strategies or mishaps.  Your little niece might assure you that TikTok is indispensable for your business’ online presence, but is it really? The Digital Marketing Agency of your choice will provide clarity!  

Relationships inclusive

Sometimes, in the media world it can be quite hard to first take root and establish a network of trustworthy (media) partners. Especially a Digital Marketing Agency often comes with long-term, cultivated relationships to many media outlets in tow. Sometimes, these might help you to get a better deal. Other times they might be useful to generate reach and brand awareness.  

The Wrap-Up

So now it’s time to go back to our example with the expensive blue toy or the cheaper, red one and recap: What is actually better?  Well, in the end, you always have to make this decision by yourself.   However, generally, one could say that for those still in the start-up phase of their business hiring an agency is more advisable. This is simply for the reason that start-up founders already have a lot on their plate. No need to overload it any further and don’t have a lot of resources to waste by doing trial and error. Bigger, more established businesses, on the other hand, could definitely tap into hiring their own in-house employee. Maybe, to keep forever like a treasure but still might benefit to collaborate with external experts to improve results.   In the long run, this will pay off as well. This employee will be able to adapt long-time strategies and get to know the firm by heart but receives the insights or training needed.   Blue or red? You decide!  

Working with weBOUND

Did you decide to take a Digital Marketing Agency in on the fun? Great, we’re so glad that we could help you!   

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  We know that the world of Digital Marketing with all its possibilities can be quite overwhelming, but that’s exactly why we’re here to help you!  Here’s 3 ways we could work together …    … Done with you: We can train you through trainings and coachings for individual solutions you can understand and put to use yourself. … Done for you: Running low on time? No problem, we’re happy to take some weight off your shoulders and create your Digital Marketing strategy, implement it or analyze your current online presence. Find out more about our services here! … Do it yourself: Follow our exclusive newsletter to receive the latest Digital Marketing news and be notified when we launch our online course.   Are we a match? Here is our 3 Step Evaluation Process to find out how we can help you achieve your goals:   
  1. First, we’ll ask you to fill in a short form about your marketing goals. Then you will be immediately directed to a calendar to schedule your 30-minute discovery call.
  2. During the first call, we will ask a lot of questions. These will be about your business including past experiences with marketing, your target audience, and the goals you want to achieve. 
  3. Based on your goals and our recommendations, we will define the right package to accomplish those targets.

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