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Case Studies

This is our work and our heart. Take a look at them and you will understand
our vision, mission as well as our spirit and why we should work together in case we are a good fit.


Facebook & Instagram Ads For Online Store

German e-commerce store selling decor for nurseries and playrooms wanted to increase brand awareness and online sales through website and Amazon page.The retailer was not a household name and had a small online fanbase in Germany. The original website was not optimized and because the store also sold products via Amazon, they were battling a high bounce rate on the website and lack of trackable conversions.

Of those who were targeted: Ads Budget: We started with €500 per month and increased to €2.000 in August 2018

  • 826% increase in website traffic in 7 months
  • Consistent 8-10/10 relevance scores for ads
  • PPE campaigns were ‎€0,01 and ‎€0,02 Cost Per Engagement (CPE)
  • €0,14 cost per website visit from ads (expose a buyer to your product catalog)
  • decreased bounce rate from 64% to 26%
  • increase add-to-cart rate from 0,20% to 48%

Talent Garden Austria

Content Strategy, Content Creation & Optimization For Facebook

The client came to us with a solid international fan base and was looking into creating a content strategy and implementation that will consistently grow their following and engagement to turn them into members as soon as the campus is opened in Austria.

These are the results of the take-over:

  • 1,85% growth rate of followers
  • Total Impressions increased by 6.659% (61.800 Impressions)
  • Total Engagements increased by 2.475%
  • Engagement rates up to 10,80% per post

Innovation2Company by Wirtschaftskammer Wien

Facebook & Instagram Ads For Startup Competition

“Video growth in social media has been astronomical in recent years. In 2018, One-third of online activity is spent watching video and Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video creators. Take a look at this campaign snapshot we created for Innovation 2 Company utilizing informative video and optimized for video views from our targeted audience.”
This video campaign targeted users who had engaged with the page in the last 60 days or previously visited the website.

The total unique reach was 2.564 people.

Of those who were targeted:

  • 1.201 watched 25% of the total content
  • 536 watched 50% total content
  • 296 watched 75% total content
  • €0,14 cost per video view (Facebook counts a video view after 3 seconds)

Littlelegs Australia

Content Strategy, Content Creation & Optimization For Facebook & Instagram

This children’s clothing brand had a small budget and small online fan base.

After researching the latest trends and industry analysis, we determined that Moms on Facebook who share and engage with relatable content was where our sweet spot would be. So we designed a branded quote graphic that would resonate with new moms online.

With only $10 behind it and a targeted audience, this quote resulted in 98 post reactions, 28 shares, and 1.601 unique reach – which means 1,600+ people were introduced to this content by a brand they likely had never seen before.

It only cost $0.07 AUD per unique reach view and a 7.98% click-through rate (CTR)

…This is also how we want to make your audience feel about your brand…

So, let’s talk about you and your goals!

If you’re interested in driving revenue, getting better results, and selling more, then get in touch.

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